Our Club Board of Directors held it's  inaugural meeting of 2022-23 on Wednesday evening July 27 at the home of Katie McAdoo. Present were Bill Donnelly, David Legg, Barbara Mullen, Elliot Rappaport, Ellie Tava, Addie Schmidt, Jay and Meghan Schwartz and Chuck Watson. The 2022-23 Budget has been prepared and will be forwarded to Board members for review and approval. Collection of membership dues is imperative this summer and fall. We need committee chairs for Club admin/programs, and the Foundation. Our fundraising efforts for this Rotary year will include the Field of Heroes (when approved) Calendar Raffle, Pop Corn Sale, Miniature Golf Tournament and a Wine Raffle or Super 50/50

There were sign up sheets at our meeting. Ellie had suggested this method as a way to let people know about and commit to upcoming events. Be on the look out for the clipboards at each meeting. An additional sheet will be available this week for Signs Ups for Speakers and Programs (2 per month) and Sunshine at each meeting for one month. Things are so much easier when shared among our Rotarians. 


Our first evening meeting will be August 18, 5:30 PM, Marine Park. Potluck Picnic- bring a dish to share, your favorite beverage and comfy chairs. We'll have lawn games, paper goods and fellowship to enjoy the company of fellow Rotarians. We are making a special effort to invite back members we have not seen in a while so please phone a Rotarian friend you may be missing and ask them to join us. Please sign up at our meeting or online:
Devotion, Sunshine and Happy Dollars
Thanks to Rotarians David Legg, Jay Schwartz and Chuck Watson for contributing to our meeting in leading these traditional and uplifting moments for the month of July. Who can we count on to participate in August? 

Meeting reporter needed   

Please contact Club Secretary Bill Dickinson if you would be willing to share, with him, in the task of scribing highlights of our meeting to be included in the weekly COGS. This editor can pull it all together into the published edition.
2022-2023 Club Goals
  1. Club Membership:  we currently have 24 members on our roster- goal for June 1, 2023 is 34 members

  2. Polio Plus giving will be at least $2,400.

  3. Rotary Foundation giving will be at least $2,100.

Mother's Pantries

Supplies will be available at this week's meeting for Rotarians to take and use to fill the three Mother's Pantries in Red Bank for the weeks of August  8 and 15.

Coming Soon...Your Help is Needed   

Please sign up for Rotary Assignments by the month- Sunshine, Member Check in, Program/Speaker recruitment, New Member Ambassadors and Event participation. Sheets will be available this weeks meeting.

Meeting Schedule  

August and September, 2022

  • 1st Thursday- Club Assembly- Service project and events planning and update 
  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays- Lunch meeting with program at Navesink Country Club, 12 PM

  • 3rd Thursday of August- August 18, Evening meeting-Potluck in the Park, Marine Park, Red Bank

Dates to Remember
  • August 16- Night at the Movies- Red Bank Rotary volunteers to help HABCore with concession sales at Movies in the Park. 5:30 PM
  • August 20- Red Bank Rotary volunteers at Lunch Break, 8 AM
  • October 16- Red Bank Crop Walk
Did You Know?
August is Rotary Membership and Club Extension Month. Consider sponsoring a new member this month.

The bylaws of Rotary clearly outline the procedure for a prospective member to be proposed for Rotary club membership. The "proposer" is the key person in the growth and advancement of Rotary. Without a sponsor, an individual will never have the opportunity to become a Rotarian.
The task of the proposer should not end merely by submitting a name to the club secretary or membership committee. Rotary has not established formal responsibilities for proposers or sponsors, however, by custom and tradition these procedures are recommended in many clubs. The sponsor should:
1. Invite a prospective member to several meetings prior to proposing the individual for membership.
2. Accompany the prospective new member to one or more orientation/informational meetings.
3. Introduce the new member to other club members each week for the first month.
4. Invite the new member to accompany the sponsor to neighboring clubs for the first make-up meeting to learn the process and observe the spirit of fellowship.
5. Ask the new member and spouse to accompany the sponsor to the club's social activities, dinners or other special occasions.
6. Urge the new member and spouse to attend the district conference with the sponsor.
7. Serve as a special friend to assure that the new member becomes an active Rotarian.
When the proposer follows these guidelines, Rotary becomes stronger with each new member.