Attendees: Joe Greco,  Addie Schmidt, Elliot Rapport, Katie McAdoo, Chuck Watson, Bill Donnelly, Jay Schwartz, Jim Mullevey ( in person) Barbara Mullen and Harry Snyder (via ZOOM)


  1. Addie attended the change over event on Sunday, June 12, as the only Red Bank Club member there she was happy to represent us. She shared Incoming Governor Mike Thompson is planning a series of area club get together events. Addie will assist him for our area. This is a great opportunity to share ideas and successes with our neighbors.
  2. Our installation dinner is open for registration. The fee is $75.00 per person and promises to be a delightful evening. Register here:
  3. President Bill announced the Red Bank Rotary Club will be taking back the administration of the annual Lombardi Dinner. The 2022 wrap up meeting will be held on June 29, 5:30 PM at the Hamilton Fire House. Because this will be a club sponsored event (in collaboration with other Monmouth County Clubs) all are encouraged to attend.

Happy Dollars

Governor Chuck's term is ending and he is planning a 3 month road trip with his bride, Mary. He offered a sad dollar because Mary is away for an extended period of time visiting Chuck's step mom and helping the family pack her for a move. 
Jay was happy to have furniture. Bill was happy to have traveled to visit his in-laws. Katie was delighted to see both Barbara and Harry tune in via ZOOM and thrilled Jim Mullevey was able to join us- live and in person. Jim was excited to be with us too. He instituted fines for those not wearing pins- just like old times- we don't like the fines but feel good they will be used for good.

 This Week's Speaker- Barb Youchah

President Bill introduced Long Branch Rotarian and Realtor, Barb Youchah. Barb shared her observations on the local real estate market, it's trends and the impact higher interest rates may have on the market in the coming months. Things are very unpredictable right now, both seller and buyer are watching the news from the Federal Reserve. The inventory of homes is low, rental markets are tough for landlords because of tenants not paying rent due to COVID. New listings are down almost 13%, median price for a home is $595K, up from $550 K. Homes are selling for an average of 2.1% over list price and the days it takes to close deals is down- mostly due to cash sales. She tries her best to comfort and support both buyers and sellers- it's a very emotional experience and people are feeling a mad rush to get in a home before prices go up again.
Barb works with the Patrick Parker Real Estate Company. You can find her biography and contact information here: 

Other items:

  1. Mother's Pantries need to be checked and filled regularly, at least 1 x per week. "Go Bags" with supplies are available for Rotarians who would like to be added to a schedule to check the 3 current pantries in Red Bank- YMCA, Lunch Break, Salvation Army.
  2. We will continue conversation with Jay to assist in arranging travel and hosting for 5 Rotarian (couples- 10 people) from India in cooperation with the Northern District and our District. This is Friendship Exchange which Jay participated in when he went to India pre COVID.

funny basset houndA Little Dog Humor

smileyWhen you cross an aggressive dog with a computer, what do you get? A lot of bites.

smiley I recently planted a pet tree, and it’s like having a pet dog except… The bark is much quieter.

smileyHow are dog catchers in the UK paid? By the pound.

smileyWhy didn’t the dog want to play football? It was a Boxer.