COGs August 22, 2019
Our recent meeting, though short on the jokes since Bill was away, had plenty of Sunshine with the prospect of returning members and a full calendar of upcoming events that are sure to provide excitement.  Although summer is coming to a close, do not forget to smell the roses.  Lots of happy dollars and good news was shared, which is always a great way to kick off a meeting.  Nevertheless, Jay was quick on his feet to bust some of our members about birthdays and anniversaries.  However, do not forget to read your COGs as there was a color of the day for the last meeting, many members were not wearing it, and our sergeant of arms did not enforce it.  Perhaps since we were all among friends and since there is nothing better, there was a sudden outbreak of color blindness as we all just were focused on enjoying the meeting and catching up.
Our speaker was Joe Geleta, the Director of Emergency Management.  He discussed his role on the front line in dealing with emergency situations that my effect our community.  He emphasized the importance of getting Community Service Organizations involved to assist in dealing with emergencies because volunteer involvement is one of the best way of getting things done and helping bring people together to best deal with crises.  In furtherance of this, he encouraged us to all consider getting involved and seeing the appropriate training to help others in times of disaster.
October 1, 2019 - Food and Wine and the Golf Outing - donations are urgently needed by the end of this week so the baskets can be ready in time for the event.
October 2, 2019 - InterCity meeting
October 3, 2019 - There is no regular meeting because the prior two days events will likely have us all tuckered out.
November 7, 2019 - Honorary Rotarian of the Year has been postponed to spring.  More details will follow.
November 21, 2019 - Club elections.  Are you ready for considering a run for public office?  No better place than here to get involved and start on the path.
December 5, 2019 - The District Governor will be visiting us.
If you have not paid your dues yet, please get them in.
If you have not already gotten involved in some of these events and programs that are in the works, consider getting involved as it is a great way to interact with our fellow Rotarians and to connect with our community at the same time.
Remember to read the entire COGS as the color of the day is hidden within.
See you at the next meeting.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile