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COGS 1/31/19
El Presidente Doug rang the bell at 12:15  PM and followed it up with a flagless Pledge of Allegiance.  This has happened in the past - but we were lucky enough to have Ed Straus as a member - he had a special suit jacket with an American Flag sewn into the lining - just in case, lol.  The pledge was followed by a prayer from our resident DGN, Chuck Watson.  Jokemaster Bill Saloukas gave us a few laughs with his weekly joke.
GUESTS AND VISITORS: Kevin Israel, RMC & Lisa Ianucci, RMC
HAPPY DOLLARS: Larry Thoma - Villanova, Chuck - great speakers, thanks Barbara, Doug - Basketball and found a dollar in the money clip his daughter gave him, Barbara - for a warmer than freezing Saturday and Prayers for Taj's son (cancer treatment and removal)
SPEAKER: Priti Patel- Medical Director, Radiation Oncology - RMC.  Doctor Patel spoke about Prostate Cancer and treatment using the CyberKnife.  The CyberKnife is a painless, non-invasive form of radiosurgery that delivers high doses of precisely targeted radiation to destroy tumors or lesions within the body through the use of a robotic arm.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Barbara Mullen and Addie Schmidt have been unanimously approved by the club for RBR BOD terms 2019-2022 as have John and Gloria Bohinski as RBR Foundation Directors for terms 2019-2022.
The Color of the week is now in effect.  What color is it?  Read this weeks COGS to see.... Make sure you have it on you at next weeks meeting - or be fined a buck.
Gift of Life Gala (Feb 9)
PETS (Feb 22-24)
Lombardi Dinner (March 14)
District Conference (May 4) Seaview Inn, Galloway NJ
We are looking to get a table together for Gift of Life and The Lombardi Dinner - please see Bill blue Donnelly if you are interested. A special Lombardi award has been created in the name of Jay Patock - The Unsung Hero Award.  Please make every effort to attend this event and celebrate Jays generosity to Rotary and the community.
Upcoming Speakers: See the list in the column to the right. If you have anyone interested in speaking, please let Barbara Mullen know.
COGS 1/24/19
The meeting began at 12:20 with El Presidente Doug ringing the bell - followed by the pledge, prayer and four way test.  Barbara reminded Pres Doug to recite the 4 Way Test - not realizing that we just had - I assured her it was OK and we are all entitled to a Senior Moment now and again.  Our resident Padre, Bill recited the prayer followed by our resident jokester, who also happens to be Bill - with some sunshine.
Happy Dollars: Barbara for getting the boot off (perhaps the increase in blood circulation to her foot was the perpetrator of her senior moment above?), Steve for a dry camping weekend, Larry for Villanova, Chuck and Doug also had a few happy dollars (here's my senior moment, cant remember why, and no, I have not had a boot removed :-) )
Announcements: Chuck - Pre-pets this weekend, Gift of Life Gala , PETS , and Lombardi Dinner . Steve - Elections next week for Board of Director term 2019-2022: Barbara Mullen and Addie Schmidt and Foundation Directors term 2019-2022 John and Gloria Bohinski.  Color of the week coming soon :-)
We are looking to get a table together for Gift of Life and The Lombardi Dinner - please let us know if you are interested.
Speaker: Keith Glass - NBA Sports Agent Keith ahs been a member of the California Bar Association since 1979.  He has represented over 100 NBA players and over 120 other players throughout Europe and Asia for over 30 years. In 2007 he was signed by Harper-Collins to write a book on his experiences and impressions of professional basketball.  Keith spoke about many of his experiences and how they have shaped his life to date.  If you missed it, you missed a good one.
50/50: Our resident Padre/Jokemeister, Bill Saloukas won it again.  Two weeks in a row - I think its time we start referring to him as Lou.
Attendance: Very light meeting today - Please make every effort to attend.  Hope to see you next week!
COGS 1/17/19
President Doug convened the meeting at 12:15, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a short prayer.
Sunshine: Our resident jokester himself, Bill Saloukas spread cheer with a few one liners. 
Happy$: DGN Chuck collected: Sanfilippo, Donnelly, Niosi, Mullen & Thoma all had some great reasons - but I'll be dammed if I can remember any of them (including mine-oh boy)
Guests: Mary Ann Azzolina brought in two guests today Catherine Maniery - wholesale flower distributor and Carly Ebner (Granddaughter of Ebners Carpets in Red Bank) - looking for a job in investments.
Gift of Life:  Still collecting for the gift basket donation from the club, if you cant bring in any items - please consider a cash donation and we can go out to purchase some.  The Gift of Life Winter Gala takes place on February 9th.  For more information or to register click this link
Dining with the Rotary Chefs:  January 27th, your $40.00 ticket price will be donated to the RI Foundation - and will add to your Paul Harris Fellow balance.  For more information or to register click this link:
Beer Pong: Hosted by the Schwartz Family on March 14th.  Winning team decides what charity to donate the pot to.  More details to follow.
Community Service Project: Allaire State Park, Sunday 1/20 & 1/27 - Build a greenhouse.  Contact Chuck Watson for details.
New Speakers Needed: I emailed a form out requesting ideas, feel free to get back to me at your convenience.
Todays Speaker: Tina C. Zecca, D.O.  Allergy and Asthma Associates of Monmouth County.  Dr Zecca spoke about food allergies, routes of exposure, reactions, prevalence, prevention and management.  A very informative lecture!
50/50: Won by Bill Saloukas - the joker did not pull the joker from the deck!
Upcoming Club News: Appointment of new Board of Directors to fill unexpired terms to be voted on by the current BOD.  Directors and Vice President to be voted on by the club for the term 2019-2022.  For those of you that have been around a while, you may remember the COLOR OF THE WEEK - somewhere, hidden in the COGS was the name of a color to be warn at the next weekly meeting - or be fined.  Look for it to return sometime in the near future.  Barbara Mullen will be inputting the SPEAKERS in the club calendar which will be reported weekly in the column to the left of this newsletter within the next few weeks. We will decide on a Fundraising Strategy for 2019-20 at our Board Meeting in February. 
REMINDER: RBR will be meeting every week at the Navesink Country Club.  We will continue to email the membership details on the Satellite Club meetings, locations and events. You can also stay up to date with them here:
Our Board of Directors met this morning and had a very productive meeting.  Here are the highlights:
ENDOWMENT FUND - The BOD (as well as the club - during the lunch meeting), have agreed with the plan set forth by Jason Sweeney, of Morgan Stanly for investment of the endowment fund.  Any club member interested in seeing the Investment Plan can email me at for a copy.  
WEEKLY MEETING CHANGE - The BOD have agreed to return to our old meeting schedule of EVERY THURSDAY of the month 12:00PM at Navesink Country Club - BEGINNING FEBRUARY 2019
MEMBERSHIP - Our club rolls will be culled by 8-12 members, phone calls will be made over the next few days to some of our members that we haven't seen in a while and have outstanding dues.   Those that owe and have not made a meeting in the last 4 months will be removed from our rolls.  For those that we remove - we would love to have you back when your schedule allows it!  
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Team Captains, its time to up your game.  Once we adjust the rolls it looks like we will be down to 30 Active (of which at least 4 are snowbirds and 3 are senior active) / and 5 Satellite members.  A club attendance of 23 would be 100% attendance, so our attendance at meetings isn't so bad. However, we all need to make a conscience effort to bring in one or two quality members.
CLUB MEETING - For those of you who do not know, Teddie, our piano player - has officially retired.  Teddie has played the piano for our club for over 40 years, she will be missed greatly! Looks like we had about 20 members present. Pres. Doug opened the meeting with the pledge, 4 Way Test and prayer. Jay Schwartz was too tired to perform his Sergeant at Arms Duties (must have been one hell of a New Years Party) - so DGN Chuck took over.  Our speaker was Kim Constaintineau, she spoke on The Levels of Listening for all types of people. The levels of listening give an insights into: Effective Leadership, Customer Service, Better Communication, Selling, and Team Development. Kim was positively accepted by the club and many question were asked by club members.
NEXT MEETING - January 17 12PM @ Navesink Country Club.  Hope to see you there WITH A GUEST
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