COGS July 11, 2019
Today's Rotary Meeting was our club assembly.  It proved to be both a passing of the torch from our past president to our new president as well as a reminder of just how involved our chapter is and everything on tap for its upcoming agenda.
Bill of course shared his sunshine, leaving some of us out of breath from laughter or stark white from the home remedy he recommended.
Jay collected many happy dollars as several members shared their job of new family, new upcoming adventures and just overall good health.
Also in attendance was a new potential member, Ian, who is a financial planner in Shrewsbury, moving here from DC.
Our past President Doug was honored with a plague, for his dedication and service.  The honor left him either tongue tied or speechless.  Either way, his service is a true example of involvement, we should aspire to follow.
Remember the following upcoming events and if you can make the effort to get involved:
July 20 - The Tinton Falls Rotary is having their 5K race and they need volunteers.
August 1 - Past President's Day
September 26 - Our Intercity Meeting, which is a dinner of the Monmouth County Clubs.
October 1 - The Golf Outing and Food and Wine.  Donations are still needed for the baskets ASAP, as well as golf course certificates for the raffles.
October 7 - Honorary Rotarian for Rotarian of the Year.  Please contact Joe for details.
November 21 - Club Elections.  We are looking for a Vice President and a President Elect.  Katy from the local YMCA has volunteers to become treasurer.
Also of discussion is that this is the 100's anniversary year of our Red Bank Rotary.  We are currently brainstorming the best way to celebrate.  Options include a big birthday dinner bash, and/or a service project to reinforce our connection and dedication to the Red Bank Community.  We are looking for new and novel ideals from the entire membership.  Every member is being asked to bring a suggestion for a project or novel celebration idea to the next rotary meeting.
Also, it was brought to the attention of everyone at the meeting that several of the recent new members have been absent from recent meetings.  If you have contact with any of them, please reach out and check whether they are ok and encourage them to return as they are missed.
Those with smart phones are encouraged to download the clubrunner app and log in.  All the club's information is readily accessible through the app.
Finally, just a reminder that if you have not already done so, please get your membership dues in.
Remember to read the entire COGS as the color of the day is hidden within.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile