Purpose of Grants
1.  The Red Bank Rotary Foundation awards grants to local charitable organizations [501(c)(3)],   to municipal agencies “in need” or to meet a community need.  No grant shall be made to a political organization or activity, or to any religious organization unless that organization provides benefits on a non-sectarian basis.
2.  The Rotary Club of Red Bank serves the greater Red Bank area, and Foundation grants should benefit the community in the area served by the Club
3.  Grants are available for specific one-time projects.  They are not available for recurring, administrative or operating costs.  Some examples of one-time projects include:
·         Painting/renovating a room/rooms at a day care center
·         Funding an examination table at a clinic
·         Building a handicap ramp
·         Funding a new stove/appliance at a boarding house for the homeless
·         Renovating /building a recreation area
·         Providing seed money for a new program/project.
4.  The Foundation may consider projects that span more than one year, with a yearly submission of the application.
·         Download and complete Request for Local Funds form.
·         Submit Form to Red Bank Rotary Foundation, POB 8444, Red Bank, NJ, by April 1st.
·         Acknowledgement of receipt of your request will be sent to you by e-mail.
·         Interviews/presentations may be requested by Red Bank Rotary Foundation Trustees.
·         Notification will be sent to each applicant indicating if the applicant will receive a grant and the amount awarded or if the request has been denied.
·         Grants will be awarded at a Rotary Club of Red Bank meeting.
·         Awardees must provide Red Bank Rotary with information regarding the successful outcome of project.
If you have any questions or if need additional information, please e-mail the Foundation at