Aug 03, 2017
Lynn Regan
CFC Loud n Clear Foundation
After many IOPs, several in-patient treatment centers, and years of an uphill battle with addiction, we discovered the gaps in the system and realized a need for diverse programs of extended aftercare.  When Daniel Regan left the safety of his rehabilitation center, he developed a recovery system for himself with the help of his mother, Lynn Regan.  After a while people started to want to know how they did it and wanted a recovery plan set up for themselves. They decided from that point that everyone deserves access to an aftercare program and they created CFC Loud N Clear Foundation. CFC, which stands for Coming Full Circle, provides services for Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery with a seamless integration of the three making it a full circle. We are proudly more than just a recovery program.
Today, Daniel is celebrating his 6th year in Recovery this March. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Social Work and has become a CCMI Certified Case Management & Interventionist through A&E's Ken Seeley's Intervention Program. He has been honored by the Mental Health Association, NJ State Senate, & multiple law enforcement agencies for his excellence in addiction services. Daniel has been highlighted on Crime Watchers, Chasing News, Fox 5, and Jersey Matters and is a regular guest on NJ101.5, 98.5 the night & 95.9 the Wratt. He currently serves as a peer recovery coach and mentor to over 200 members of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation. In 2012, Daniel brought the concepts of his West Coast treatment center to the East by launching SMART Recovery in New Jersey. Daniel believes in many roads to recovery and his work has changed many lives. He is a devoted community leader bringing R.I.S.E. a program meant to create symmetry, volunteerism, accountability, and solutions for communities. In 2016 it will launch across NJ building Recovery Ready Communities.
For over 25 years, Lynn Regan owned and managed multiple daycare centers in Bricktown, Manasquan & Point Pleasant NJ. Playing a crucial role in Daniel's road to recovery, Lynn is now the Executive Director of the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation 501c3. She is a CCAR Certified Recovery Coach and Ethics trainer, hosting training for local community members and mental health professionals. In 2015, she served as head of the Howell Township Municipal Alliance Chairperson. Lynn also facilitates the parent sector of the Foundation. Together, they make a fabulous team and have taken New Jersey and now the country by storm!