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The following activities are included under community service, a brief description of each:
Bell Ringing--Each year our club mans the Salvation Army kettle at two locations for two days. There is a competition among all the participating service clubs for the "bell" to see which club raises the most money during the shifts. Red Bank Rotary and the Shadow Lake Kiwanis Club normally vie for the award with Red Bank winning the last two years.
Canathon--The weekend before Thanksgiving, Rotary members collect food for the Salvation Army's pantry in front of local supermarkets. This is a traditional event that was started by Red Bank Rotarians and has continued for over 25 years. It is the main source of food for the year for the pantry.
Middle School Tutoring Program--For the past four years Red Bank Rotary has provided tutors to the 8th graders in the middle school. As it is now functioning, Rotarians work for one hour with designated students during the school day in the areas of math and language arts. It involves up to 12 Rotarians a week from October through February.
Golf Tournament--This is the major fundraising event of this club, this year raising over $50,000. Chaired by Bill Donnelly, this event raises funds through green fees, home sponsors, and the golf raffles.
Two River Food and Wine Tasting--The proceeds of this annual event go directly to a local 501C3 determined yearly by the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Red Bank.
Public Relations--This committee strives to increase awareness of Red Bank Rotary's community involvement.
Toys for Kids--Each year Larry Thoma collects toys at Christmas and turns them over to the local Armed Forces representative to be distributed to less fortunate children in the community.
Red Bank Rotary Foundation--Each year the foundation board meets with representatives of local charities and makes recommendations to the board as to the amount of donations that should be made to each of the organizations. Last year approximately $45,000 was distributed in this manner.
If you are interested in helping us with any of these functions, please email