Posted by Stuart Berger on Jun 20, 2019
Today's Rotary meeting was filled with Sunshine despite the purple clouds above and the threats of rain.  Bill introduced the concept that 9 is the new midnight.  Many begrudgingly agreed.  Although our sergeant at arms was missing in action, fines were leveled for missing pins and lots of happy dollars were shared.  Not a single sad dollar was volunteered.
Our speaker was Harry Jay Levin, Esq. of Levin Cyphers on the subject of Hot Topics for Business Owners, but the his presentation presented information relevant to both individuals and businesses alike.  He remind us about the importance of 1) knowing your rights and employee handbooks in the context of the work environment and the handling of disputes in that context; 2) your rights in the context of consumer fraud, 3) important considerations in structuring an organization and how to protect the benefits by such structuring; and 4) being cautious when writing an e-mail.
Next week is the Installation and Scholarships Luncheon, so it will certainly be festive.  Also a reminder that the Food and Wine and Golf Outings are just around the corner, so stay tuned for more details and ways to get involved.
Remember to read the entire COGS as the color of the day is hidden within.