The Red Bank Rotary has received permission to sponsor the Field of Heroes Event for Memorial Day week in Riverside Gardens Park. We will exhibit 100 American flags the week before Memorial Day, including Memorial Day itself. The Rotary will acquire 100 sponsors to memorialize, honor, or commemorate their specific Hero by flying an American flag for each one. A name card with their Hero’s name and sponsor’s message will be attached to their individual flag.
The Red Bank Rotary will label each flag with its Hero’s name, install it at the beginning of the week, and remove it the day after Memorial Day. 
HERE is a YouTube video that may answer some of your questions and show what the flags look like as a group. 
                                Do you have a hero you would like to honor?
             How about a:
            Fallen Serviceman or woman?                        Active Military?
            9/11 Victim?                                           First Responder?
            Teacher, Professor, Mentor?                        Humanitarian?
            Veteran?                                                         Parent?
The Red Bank Rotary will fly an American flag in Riverside Garden Park the week leading up to Memorial Day, including Memorial Day itself for a $55.00 donation to the Red Bank Rotary Foundation. You may also write a message on a 4 x 6 card that will be attached to the flagpole.
Directions:  Each sponsor must fill out an application that includes a 4 x 6 area in the bottom half of the page. That area is for the handwritten message or details about their hero. Examples are provided on a separate page. Leave the ½ inch box in the middle of the card empty, so that we may print the heroes name in it. The heroes name should be printed (all caps) in the designated blank on the top half of the application.
Download Your Field of Heroes Sponsorship Form Here!