Posted by Stuart Berger on Jun 17, 2019
The recent meeting was filled with energy and enthusiasm.  Our current president Doug was celebrating his second to last meeting in office, while Steve was invite his own future impeachment.  As always Bill presented his humor as Sunshine, but he also hinted at his musical talents suggesting we may soon be hearing his own rendition of the song "Day Oh" at a future meeting.
Out Sargent at Arms, Jay, sought to do his worst with fines, but he was confronted with by our active membership who remembers their pins and arrives on time.  Nevertheless, Jay turned a little red when faced with the prospect of fining his father.  Steve, however, volunteered to post the bail and paid the fine.
There were lots of Happy Dollars with reasons to be happy about.  This included the passing of the COG's torch to Stuart, Jimmy's atrial fibrillation being under control, Mike having a speedy recovery, Steve's daughter taking a neurosurgery fellowship, the Red Bank 5k classic having lots of participants scheduled to run, Father's Day, etc.  Lots of reasons to celebrate and be happy.
Our meeting was also filled with plenty of food for thought.  Kim Rowe and Sarah Fischell of the Citizen's Climate Lobby did a presentation on what we can do about climate change.  We all agree that this is a very important issue for discussion.  Although debate may have been sparked about approaches, the discussion alone gives reason to inspire hope that our many different perspective may eventually find a resolution to make a better world for the future.
Don't forget the Food and Wine event as well as the Golf outing are just around the corner and we need your support, your energy and your enthusiasm.